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Our history

Le Mans Université

Our history

15 December 1944: having been bombed during the war, the University of Caen relocated its first courses after the Liberation to rue des Boucheries. This marked the beginning of university education in the Le Mans region.

1960: creation of the University Scientific College, established at the Montesquieu lycée (school).
One original aspect of Le Mans University is the original and close connection between research and training. The founding fathers in the sciences (Pinazzi – Zarembowitch) were convinced that research was an essential driver for the development of higher education. Research activities were launched at the same time as the teaching programmes.

1963: opening of the School of Law, rue Montbarbet in Le Mans (agreement with the University of Caen).
First law courses relocated to Laval.

1965: creation of the University Literary College, on the hill of Vaurouzé (the current Le Mans Campus), 35 hectares of land in the countryside which included both educational buildings and farms.
The initial desire to build a single and outlying campus was a choice made in order to promote synergies between the various teaching areas and minimise travel and costs (building maintenance, car parks, etc.).

1967: creation of Le Mans UIT (University Institute of Technology), among the top ten UITs in France.
From outset the University has understood the need to provide vocational training to its students. Le Mans UIT has trained many stakeholders in the local economy and has helped to forge a tradition of openness to the socio-economic world.
A vocational orientation was soon added to the courses offered by the faculties in order to offer leading-edge training courses which could create jobs and attract new audiences.
Creation of the first university residence.

1969: creation of the University Centre of Le Mans, a branch of the University of Caen.

1st October 1977: creation by decree of the University of Le Mans, referred to as University of Maine, with full university status. President:François Dornic.

1978: creation of the Centre Universitaire d’Education Permanente (CUEP) - University Centre for Continuing Education (currently the Department for Continuing Education).
In the 1980s, the sporting policy of the institution had great success. The University was ranked first among French universities in this area during the 1980s.

1995: creation of the Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Ingénieurs du Mans (ENSIM) - Le Mans National School of Engineering.

1997: creation of the UIT of Laval (1st department opened in Laval in 1988, branch of the Le Mans UIT).

1st September 2017: on the 40th anniversary of its creation the University of Maine changed its name and became Le Mans University

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