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PrésentationLe Mans Université: Our values, our commitment

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Le Mans University is a proud and committed advocate for authenticity, selflessness and sharing.

Le Mans University is very conscious of its history and its role both as a social ladder and a socio-economic stakeholder in the region.

Le Mans University reaffirms its ambition: excellence, success for all and personal fulfilment for each individual.



Get to know us better ...

If you are curious…

To get to know us better, read through this text that translates who we are and the ambition that we hold for everyone here.


Be it today or tomorrow,
You should remain unique and cultivate your difference.
Don’t believe those who tell you:
You don’t count.
We are absolutely certain
Excellence and fulfillment exist…
You can hope that
The University should offer you everything,
Don’t imagine that
Your possibilities are limited.
You can gaze upon the future with ambition!
Stop imagining, stop thinking that
Success isn’t within your reach,
We can assure you.


Read it from bottom to top, to discover… who we will never be.

Le Mans Université, Non-Stop Movement!

Students better prepared for an active life

Constantly aware of the changing nature of the world of employment, Le Mans Université regularly innovates and adapts its teaching requirements and the content of its classes.  Numerous professionals intervene in the elaboration of the courses and all throughout the classes (technological institute degrees, professional certification, masters, and engineering specialties) or conferences.

50% of all our students follows a professionalizing specialization course.

A university in synergy with the business world

An important figure in the development of the region, Le Mans Université every day shows its willingness to develop and increase its partnerships with the local, regional, national and international socio-economic environment.  The University has developed an innovation department, Partnerships and Outside Relations, promoting innovation, technology transfer and the know-how of our laboratories to firms; a department to help people enter the professional world; and a department of continuing education to respond to the training needs of firms and individuals.

Understanding the stakes of international concerns

International students make up 15.4% of the university’s student body. With this, Le Mans Université has demonstrated its openness to the world and its attractiveness (national average:  13%).  Every year, these students from around the world are more and more numerous to discover the assets of the University and to spread its message.

100 nationalities represented


+260 partnerships with foreign establishments


1 886 international students


500 official visits per year , the University’s research professors

Le Mans Université, our ambition: you

Our ambition?  Success for everyone!

With us, you will never be just a number among other numbers. Le Mans Université has made the choice of ambition, success and development for all. Which is why we do everything in our power to allow students and working people access to higher education thanks to a wide offer of multidisciplinary training courses, innovative teaching methods and individualized accompaniment. What you learn in the classroom is based on quality research carried out in our internationally-renowned laboratories.

Together, let’s see things differently...

With over 1100 teachers, professors, researchers, and administrative and technical support staff,  Le Mans Université has adopted an approach aimed at lifelong personal and professional fulfillment for everyone: undergraduate and graduate students, adult learners, vocational training, even education abroad.

Underlying a quality education is the University’s ongoing commitment to the use of state-of-the-art individually-tailored pedagogical tools:  distance learning, on-line resources, projects, one-on-one tutoring…

A major actor in social and professional integration and in research and innovation, Le Mans Université is an active participant in the economic, social and cultural development of the region, thus reinforcing the University’s influence and attractiveness.


40 years of existence


2 campuses Le Mans & Laval


1 100 employees in the region


12 000 students

One University, multiple opportunities.

Reinforcing the link among research, training and innovation

The University has developed diverse and quality research activities connected to its laboratories which are responsive to the essential questions of today’s world. These laboratories, including several associated with the CNRS, are nationally and internationally recognized.

As part of its core strategy, Le Mans Université has created thematic and interdisciplinary institutes aimed at fostering a three-pronged synergy:  research, training and innovation (scientific and pedagogical).

Our research topics are varied: acoustics, computer science, languages and literatures, molecules and materials, risk and insurance, management, law, social and human sciences, biology, sports and health…

A range of lifelong training

Le Mans Université proposes training courses for everyone: undergraduate students, continuing education students, distance learners, work-linked trainees, those in employment and those seeking employment. These training courses take place in six colleges:

  • The Faculty of Sciences and Techniques
  • The Faculty of Letters, Languages and Human Sciences
  • The Faculty of Law, Economic Sciences and Management (with a Law School branch in Laval)  
  • The National School of Engineering of Le Mans (ENSIM)
  • The Technological Institute of Le Mans
  • The Technological Institute of Laval

Le Mans Université opens the way  to success to its students. Research, training and innovation are our missions; authenticity, altruism and sharing make up our DNA.


+ 1/3 of our degrees are available to work-linked training


+ 800 students in distance learning


299 doctoral students per year


390 researchers and research professors

Our history

15 December 1944: having been bombed during the war, the University of Caen relocated its first courses after the Liberation to rue des Boucheries. This marked the beginning of university education in the Le Mans region.

1960: creation of the University Scientific College, established at the Montesquieu lycée (school).
One original aspect of Le Mans University is the original and close connection between research and training. The founding fathers in the sciences (Pinazzi – Zarembowitch) were convinced that research was an essential driver for the development of higher education. Research activities were launched at the same time as the teaching programmes.

1963: opening of the School of Law, rue Montbarbet in Le Mans (agreement with the University of Caen).
First law courses relocated to Laval.

1965: creation of the University Literary College, on the hill of Vaurouzé (the current Le Mans Campus), 35 hectares of land in the countryside which included both educational buildings and farms.
The initial desire to build a single and outlying campus was a choice made in order to promote synergies between the various teaching areas and minimise travel and costs (building maintenance, car parks, etc.).

1967: creation of Le Mans UIT (University Institute of Technology), among the top ten UITs in France.
From outset the University has understood the need to provide vocational training to its students. Le Mans UIT has trained many stakeholders in the local economy and has helped to forge a tradition of openness to the socio-economic world.
A vocational orientation was soon added to the courses offered by the faculties in order to offer leading-edge training courses which could create jobs and attract new audiences.
Creation of the first university residence.

1969: creation of the University Centre of Le Mans, a branch of the University of Caen.

1st October 1977: creation by decree of the University of Le Mans, referred to as University of Maine, with full university status. President:François Dornic.

1978: creation of the Centre Universitaire d’Education Permanente (CUEP) - University Centre for Continuing Education (currently the Department for Continuing Education).
In the 1980s, the sporting policy of the institution had great success. The University was ranked first among French universities in this area during the 1980s.

1995: creation of the Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Ingénieurs du Mans (ENSIM) - Le Mans National School of Engineering.

1997: creation of the UIT of Laval (1st department opened in Laval in 1988, branch of the Le Mans UIT).

1st September 2017: on the 40th anniversary of its creation the University of Maine changed its name and became Le Mans University

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