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Preventative actions

Throughout the year, preventative actions for students are suggested by the Health Centre and the étudiants relais santé (ERS) - health information relay students.

The goal? To improve health and well-being and so support your success.


Tips to limit your expenditure

Accommodation, shopping, etc. - it's not always easy to manage your budget when you're a student.

The workshop is run by the dietician and the student welfare officer and offers simple tips which can be used on a daily basis to limit your expenditure and manage your budget better.



Would you like to learn how to cook simple, healthy meals?

Take part in cookery workshops to discover tasty recipe ideas at an affordable price while also avoiding waste!


Stress management and well-being - sophrology sessions

Do you need to learn how to manage your stress levels and emotions and so improve you focus and preparations for exams?
Find out about relaxation during sophrology sessions run by a sophrologist.


Level 1 Civil Prevention and Rescue (PSC1) course

“PSC1” training sessions offered to our students in partnership with the Protection Civile (Civil Protection).
The PSC1 training certificate is issued at the end of the day. Length of the training course: 7 hours 30 mins.


Theme-based weeks

  • Sexual health week - in October
  • Me (Us) without tobacco - in November
  • Food week - in November
  • Well-being week - in February
  • Vaccination week - in February
  • Health promotion Week - in March


sante.u @ univ-lemans.fr  02 43 83 39 20

Le Mans campus: Monday to Thursday from 08:30 to 17:00 (closed during the university holidays - Maison de l’Université (basement level)
Laval campus: consultations and preventative visits: 1 Tuesday out of 2 from 9h30 to 16h - Department of preventive medicine (opposite the IUT)

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