Emergencies and safety

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Emergencies and safety

Emergency numbers & safety instructions

Emergencies and safety

To be better prepared for emergency situations:

  • Consult the instructions to be followed to ensure the correct behaviour when necessary.
  • Locate the emergency exits from the University buildings.
  • Sign up for awareness-raising or training sessions in life-saving actions.

Person injured

Call the SAMU (ambulance service): 15


Call the fire department: 18

Unusual events

Be vigilant in your day-to-day life and report any suspicious events, behaviour or objects.

  • Le Mans campus: contact security (06 78 68 67 59)
  • Laval campus: contact the administration (06 22 98 43 17)


In the event of a terrorist attack

1/ make your escape

2 / if that is not possible: hide (keep mobile phones on silent mode)

3 / tell the police: 17 and follow their instructions

Do not disseminate information about ongoing police activities on social networks

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