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Studies & Disabilities

Studies & DisabilitiesRelais Handicap

Have you needed special arrangements in the context of your studies and for exams?

The Relais Handicap (Disability Service) is your contact for all questions relating to your situation (motor, sensory, mental or cognitive disabilities, learning difficulties, chronic and/or disabling illness) on the campuses of Le Mans and Laval.

The aims of the Relais Handicap are:

  • to welcome you before the beginning of the university year, and to carry out an overall analysis of your needs
  • to give you information about the administrative steps required in order to obtain special arrangements for your studies and examinations
  • to work in collaboration with the various University departments and the teaching teams to ensure quality cross-disciplinary support within the establishment
  • to organise and monitor the implementation of the educational special arrangements throughout your studies
  • to develop a network of external partners and to support this network.

The leaflet of the Relais Handicap


Complete procedure to obtain special arrangements (to be repeated every year as soon as possible):

  • appointment with the Relais Handicap for articulation and assessment of the requirements.
  • appointment with a doctor from the University Health Centre, bringing with you your application for special arrangements signed by the Relais Handicap officer as well as your medical record.

Completion of the procedure is confirmed by an official special arrangements notification which is sent to you by email as well as to your academic supervisor and your examinations department.


Contact:  - Meeting by appointment - relaishandicap @

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