Health centre

Health centre

Health centre

A multidisciplinary team at your service

We are at your disposal for a global care (medico-psycho-social) of your health:     

  • 3 general practitioners
  • 1 nurse
  • 1 midwife
  • 1 secretary
  • 1 psychiatrist
  • 1 psychologist
  • 1 disability project manager
  • 1 prevention project manager
  • 10 students relay santé = ERS
  • 2 social workers
  • 1 dietician
  • 1 sophrologist


We are subject to professional secrecy

Contacts : sante.u @

Centre de Santé

Medical departmentHealth centre / Centre de Santé

The team of professionals in the Health Centre is available to answer your questions and to provide you with support in relation to your health or your student life.

Medical consultations
  • general practice
  • advice for travellers
  • care pathways
  • assistance for students with permanent or temporary disabilities, etc.
Planning centre
  • gynaecological consultations,
  • information and advice about the emotional life, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, abortion, provision of the morning-after pill, etc.
  • primary emergency
  • treatment on prescription
  • vaccinations
  • preventative visits upon invitation
Dietary consultations
  • individual interviews free of charge


 Possibility of carrying out a free health check. The visit is carried out by a nurse to: assess your state of health, take stock of your vaccination status, provide screening if necessary. 


You can benefit from simple and free healthcare cover, registration on the site.

In France, all insured persons must declare who their own personal doctor is. This step makes it easier for you to be reimbursed. A doctor from the Health Centre can become your own personal doctor.

The social security system does not cover the full cost of healthcare. We strongly advise you to take out additional optional insurance (mutual insurance) to cover the rest of any medical expenses.

You must have your “carte vitale” (or social security certificate) and your complementary mutual insurance certificate to avoid having to pay the costs upfront + health or vaccination book + student card


Consultations by appointment - sante.u @ 

Le Mans campus: Monday to Thursday from 08:30 to 17:00 (closed during the university holidays) - Bd Charles Nicolle (near the Vaurouzé halls of residence)

Laval campus: consultations and preventative visits: 1 Tuesday out of 2 from 09:30 to 16:00 - Department of preventative medicine (opposite the IUT)

Psychological help

Interviews with our psychologist or our psychiatrist for a first meeting or a psychotherapeutic follow-up.

Confidential and free listening and speaking place in case of:

  • suicidal thoughts
  • relational difficulties (family, sentimental ...)
  • addiction
  • anxiety - depression
  • harassment
  • relay of psychotherapeutic care
  • situation of violence.


Free interviews on appointment - servicesocial @

Le Mans campus: Monday, Tuesday, Friday morning - Bd Charles Nicolle (near the Vaurouzé halls of residence)
Laval Campus: Wednesday - Department of preventative medicine (opposite the IUT)

A place where you are listened to in confidentiality

The student welfare officers:

  • provide you with information about grants/scholarships, accommodation, and your rights;
  • work with you to find solutions to your budgetary, personal, family and social problems;
  • get involved, with your agreement, in actions, contacts with other entities (CROUS, CAF, etc.);
  • help you with applications for financial and material assistance if the financial and social situation warrants it.


Free interviews on appointment - servicesocial @ 

Le Mans campus: 09:00 to 17:00 - Bd Charles Nicolle (near the Vaurouzé halls of residence)
Laval Campus: 1 Monday in 2 from 10:00 to 13:45 - Department of preventative medicine (opposite the IUT)

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