Research and the international dimension

International policy

Research and the international dimension

Supporting the internationalisation of research is essential for:

  • Taking account of international issues in research and in terms of scientific innovation
  • Supporting laboratories to structure robust partnerships in the most relevant geographic areas
  • Strengthening the profile and the attractiveness of the university's major research axes at the international level
  • Supporting scientific conferences and events
  • Attracting the best doctoral students and the best researchers
  • Increasing outward mobility and help with the development of research networks


An engineering division for European and international projects at the International and Language Centre:

CAP Europe (europe @ is a research support department that aims at increasing the participation of laboratories in European research programmes, in particular the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe programmes.

This service therefore contributes to the internationalisation of research through targeted monitoring and training, assistance with project development and advice on the drawing up and monitoring of grant agreements.


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