European human resources strategy for researchers

HR Excellence in Research label

Since 2019, Le Mans Université has been committed to improving its recruitment practices and working conditions for its research staff (teacher-researchers, post-docs, PhD students, administrative staff).

Since September 2021, the establishment has been awarded the HR Excellence in Research label.


 The HR Excellence in Research label

Awarded by the European Commission, the HR Excellence in Research label is based on the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. It comprises 40 principles organized around four main themes:

  • Ethical principles and professional responsibilities
  • Recruitment, career development and mobility
  • Working and safety conditions, professional environment
  • Training

Benefits for research staff

This label guarantees a working environment conducive to the conduct of research activities, mobility assistance, career development, application of non-discrimination and ethical principles...

Benefits for establishments

Obtaining the label enhances the establishment's attractiveness in terms of recruitment, and gives it greater European and international visibility. It is also an asset when it comes to obtaining research funding from the European Union.

 Key stages in the process

 The HRS4R strategy at Le Mans Université  

This strategy is structured around 4 main areas of work.

Area 1: Human resources & career development

  • Define management guidelines for staff advancement;
  • Improve transparency in our recruitment processes;
  • Take account of experience and type of contract in remuneration (for contract staff)...

Area 2: Research

  • Appoint an ethics officer and create an ethics charter;
  • Improve internal and external promotion of research results;
  • Encourage and optimize our investment in open science...

Area 3: Quality of life at work

  • Improve work-life balance, including the right to disconnect;
  • Improve relations between support services and laboratories;
  • Evaluate our recruitment and training systems...

Area 4: Inclusion and anti-discrimination

  • Guarantee equal access for men and women to career development;
  • Create an inclusion and anti-discrimination plan;
  • Organize awareness-raising campaigns...


 Documents to consult

- HRS4R strategy at Le Mans Université
- Self-evaluation report 2023



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