Sustainable Development & Social Responsibility

Citizen actions

Le Mans University has operated a sustainable development policy since 2010 and is one of the first 4 universities to receive the Sustainable Development & Social Responsibility (DD&RS) label for its involvement in the process initiated by the Grenelle 1 law of 2009.

The DD&RS Label promotes the commitment of institutions to sustainable development and social responsibility on the basis of a benchmark system. This certification is the result of initiatives and actions taken in the service of the university community and its territory since 2010 which have been recognised in the environmental, social and regional spheres.

Far from being the final stage, this recognition is only the first step in a process of continuous progression. The Label represents the start of a new and virtuous momentum.

The University, a responsible stakeholder in its region, is committed to and mobilised for taking concrete and achievable actions. Both in terms of its training and its research, the university is working with and mobilising its knowledge, talents and energies, together with its partners, in order to succeed in this challenge.

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