MMS - Mer, Molécules, Santé - Équipe d’Accueil 2160

Sea, Molecules, Health Laboratory (MMS) - Research group 2160

Universities of Nantes and Le Mans, Université Catholique de l’Ouest

The  scientific programme covers an integrated and sustainable management of coastal and estuarine marine ecosystems, particularly through the study of the disturbances which affect them, mainly due to human activities.

A better understanding of the biodiversity and functioning of these ecosystems will lead to the identification of organisms interesting for the production of high added-value metabolites for industry and human health.


 130 people including
53 teachers-researchers | 21 at Le Mans and Laval
55 doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows | 15 at Le Mans and Laval
22 administrative and technical staff | 3 at Le Mans and Laval


The members of MMS collaborate with many regional, national and international laboratories, as well as with industrial partners.


  • Facilities for the microalgae cultivation, shellfish aquaculture, biochemical and physiological analyses, molecular and cellular biology
  • Animal facility for studies relating to the use of microalgae in nutrition-health
  • Bench for pulsed electric fields treatments for the biocompatible extraction of molecules of interest
  • Thalassomics technical platform in Nantes, integrated into the Corsaire platform of BiogenOuest


Director: François Pouchus (University of Nantes)
Head of the Le Mans site: Nathalie Casse | nathalie.casse @

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