LIUM - Laboratoire d’Informatique de l’Université du Mans - Equipe d'Accueil 4023

Computer Science Laboratory of Le Mans Université (LIUM) - Research group 4023


The Computer Science Laboratory, which is located in both Le Mans and Laval, is structured around two topics: TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) and language processing (speech recognition and synthesis, speaker characterization, semantic extraction and machine translation).
LIUM is one of the few European laboratories able to perform speech translation in near real time, and it offers innovative applications in the field of educational technologies, e-learning and serious games. LIUM is internationally recognized for its research works, as demonstrated for instance by the prestigious European Innovation Radar prize earned in 2016 for the development and industrial deployment of a technology dramatically reducing the costs of speech recognition.


 60 people including
28 teachers-researchers
26 doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows
4 administrative and technical staff


LIUM’s researchers actively cooperate actively with other French, European and international laboratories.
LIUM has also established industrial partnerships with Airbus, Orange Lab, AlloMédia, OpenClassrooms, Symetrix/SBT and 44screens.


Computing cluster with 1000 CPU cores and, 60 GPUs.
Experimental room for TEL research work (audio and video recording)
Software and corpus: SideKit/s4d, TEDLium, nmtpytorch, JemInventor, Moggle, Hop3X,
UTL, Legadee, TraVis


Member of the Institut Informatique Claude Chappe (IC2), supported by Le Mans Université Member of Atlanstic 2020 Research-Training-Innovation Institute in Pays de la Loire


Director: Sylvain Meignier | dirlium @

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