IMMM - Institut des Molécules et des Matériaux du Mans - UMR CNRS 6283

Institute of Molecules and Materiels of Le Mans (IMMM) - UMR CNRS 6283


The research activities of the institute are based on well-established know-how and recognised expertise of chemists, physico-chemists and physicists in the domain of materials. From the synthesis of organic molecules to the study of the physics of ultra-short phenomena, including the design, characterisation and modelling of new materials, the IMMM covers all of the subject areas in the physico-chemistry of matter. The areas of application are wide-ranging and can involve bioactive compounds, functional materials for the fields of energy, environment and sustainable development, healthcare, food industry, plastics, soft matter and optics.


 180 people including  
76 researchers and teachers-researchers
60 doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows
30 administrative and technical staff


The laboratory collaborates with many other sites in France and internationally: Japan, Poland, Thailand, Ukraine, Mexico, Tunisia, Lebanon, Morocco, Vietnam & USTH Franco-Vietnamese University,  Australia. The IMMM has also developed particularly dynamic relations with the socio-economic world: AREVA, ARKEMA, Bel, Danone, Hutchinson, Nestlé, Saft, Schlumberger, Solvay, STM, L'Oreal, Total, Unilever,...


State-of-the-art equipments in synthesis and formulation, microscopy, diffraction, local spectroscopies, radiation scattering, rheology, plasma, combined with innovative techniques constitute a unique and attractive instrumental platform at regional, national and international
levels. All of this equipment is  complemented by a platform for high performance
computing (HPC).



Director: Laurent Fontaine | dirumr6283 @

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