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MIP - Motricité, Interactions, Performances - Équipe d’Accueil 4334

Movement, Interactions, Performance Laboratory (MIP) - Research group 4334

Universities of Nantes and Le Mans

Movement is essential for Human to adapt to his physical, material and social environment. It helps to ensure vital functions (e.g. eating, drinking or communicating).

The laboratory's research programme aims to obtain a better understanding of how human movement is produced from the musculo-tendon system, to the individual, right through to the inter-individual level.

Through an interdisciplinary approach (life sciences, humanities), this programme aims to respond to major scientific and societal issues in the areas of sports performance, health and education.


 45 people including
17 teachers-researchers and doctors of medicine | 5 at Le Mans
12 doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows  | 4 at Le Mans
4 administrative and technical staff  | 2 at Le Mans


Members of the laboratory actively collaborate with French researchers and laboratories (University Hospital of Nantes, Laboratory of Biomechanics, Paris; INSEP, Paris...), European (University of Bath, England) and International (University of Ottawa and University of New Brunswick, Canada; University of Auckland, New Zealand; University of Queensland, Australia).
The MIP also cooperates with various industrial partners (Direct Energie cycling team, LudHealth, etc.)


Chain of biomechanical analysis  of human movement: three-dimensional kinematics
by motion capture system; 3D dynamics by force platform; surface electromyography; stabilometry; treadmill with pressure sensors.



Director : François Hug (University of Nantes)
Head of the Le Mans site: Abderrahmane Rahmani | abdel.rahmani @ univ-lemans.fr

More informations:
Download the presentation sheet of MIP (EN)
Visit the website of MIP

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