Géosciences Le Mans - UMR CNRS 6112

Le Mans Geosciences - Laboratory of Planetology and Geodynamics (LPG) - UMR CNRS 6112

5 members associated with the LPG


The Le Mans Geosciences laboratory studies the interactions between rocks, fluids and geological deformations. These fluids can be found at the surface (water), within rocks, in porosity and/or fractures (water, gas, hydrocarbons), or in the form of viscous materials which will deform over various timescales: sand, clays, salt, magmas, etc.
The laboratory’s researchers are interested in the effects of these fluids in various geological contexts through observations in the field, laboratory analyses and experimental modelling.
The fields of application range from the exploitation of reservoirs (geothermal, hydrocarbons) to the dynamics of ice sheets and glaciers or the building of mountain ranges.


 12 people  (5 members associated with the LPG - UMR 6112) including
7 researchers and teachers-researchers
3 doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows
2 administrative and technical staff



5 permanent members are associated to the LPG - UMR 6112 (Nantes - Angers)

Collaborations with French and international laboratories (Norway, Canada, Argentina, etc.)

Partnership with companies thanks to the thematics of the laboratory (Total, Engie)


The only laboratory in Europe specialised in the experimental modelling of geological deformation phenomena involving interstitial fluids and fluid overpressure.
Experimental modelling labs dedicated to the simulation of natural deformation processes via scaled physical models.
Thin-section preparation workshop.



Director of Geosciences Le Mans: Alain Zanella | alain.zanella @

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