Digital Filtering (Filtrage Numérique)


The aim of this course is twofold :
1- to give basic academic knowledge of digital filtering, for analysis and synthesis of sounds ; students should know how to use the available tools for software digital filtering : z-transform, filter design (FIR or IIR) with Matlab/Octave in a OFF-LINE framework,
2- to solve a problem of real time information processing using specific and complex calculations and dedicated device (DSP - Digital Signal Processor).
Courses :
1- Signal processing upgrade,
2- Analog electronics upgrade, Introduction to digital electronics
1- Discrete-time signals and systems, Frequency response functions of Linear (discrete-)Time Invariant (LTI) Systems, Examples of LTI Systems, Filter Design : IIR (invariance of Impulse Response and Bilinear Transformation) and FIR (Parks-McClellan algorithm).
Reference Book : Discrete-time Signal Processing, Oppenheim and Schafer, Prentice Hall, 1999
Software : Signal Processing Toolbox of Matlab / Octave
2- Virtual instrumentation, Digital filtering, Use of a development starter kit (TMS320C6713 DSK)
Real time applications, Implementation on chip (DSP)

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Crédits ECTS 3

Nombre d'heures 26 HE

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