► LPGN - Laboratoire de Planétologie et Géodynamique de Nantes

UMR no. 6112
Head of Laboratory : Régis MOURGUES

Contact : regis.mourgues @ univ-lemans.fr

Website : http://www.sciences.univ-nantes.fr/lpgnantes

Abstract :

The laboratory studies the 3D structure of the continental extension (rift valleys, volcanic margin, plate tectonics, and the calculation of the distortion rate), and the modeling of the extending distortion (research on the earth's crust distortions, study of the active rifts in a magmatic environment).

It also analyses of fluids and distortions (volcanic rifts, numerical and analogical modeling of fluids circulation, and physical modeling of wave propagations).

The Laboratory :

• Permanent staff : 5 Assistant Professors and 1Technical staff

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Vice-Presidente of International Relations

Catherine PAINEAU
Head of Administration

Phone :
(33) (0)2 43 83 30 05

ri@univ-lemans.fr (ri @ univ-lemans.fr)