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UMR CNRS no. 6590
Head of Laboratory : Gérald BILLARD

Contact : gerald.billard @ univ-lemans.fr

Website : http://eso-gregum.univ-lemans.fr

Abstract :

Our research activities involve geomatics (SIG and remote sensing) and the treatment of numerical and literal datas.

Our themes of research are divided into 2 main axes with 2 sub-themes :

  • Sustainable city characteristics of the urban sustainable development politics, engaged urbanization in Europe and North America and environmental inequalities in an urban area
  • Natural resources and environmental politics (Investigation area : Brazil, Argentina, Maghreb, Western and central Africa, France and French Guyana)
  • Territorialities, identities and sociabilities (the issue is to understand how these different  representations of the self and the Other are related to territories and how their configuration helps to bring out the spatial dimension of social cleavages
  • The socialization process : the human being's integration into the civil society goes through the different socialization bodies : family, school, neighborhoud, associations, places of worship...

Photos : Ad'Hoc Photographie

The Laboratory :

• Permanent staff : 17 Professors and assistant professors, 1 CNRS Engineers, 4 Technical staff
• Main softwares : GPS, GIS (ArcGis, MapInfo), Remote sensing (ERDAS, ENVI, IDRISI) and cartography (Creative suite, cartESO)
• Main collaborations : National Research Institutes : INRA, CEREQ, Cemagref... Foreign universities :  Santiago de Compostela, (Spain), Sfax (Tunisia), USTHB Alger (Algeria), Lujan (Argentina), UFGRS Porto Alegre, UFPB Jaoa Pessoa (Brasil), Orebröe (Sweden)


Vice-Presidente of International Relations

Catherine PAINEAU
Head of Administration

Phone :
(33) (0)2 43 83 30 05

ri@univ-lemans.fr (ri @ univ-lemans.fr)