► CERHIO - Laboratoire Centre de Recherche Historiques de l’Ouest

UMR CNRS no. 6258
Head of Laboratory : Nathalie RICHARD

Contact : nathalie.richard@univ-lemans.fr (laurent.bourquin @ univ-lemans.fr)

Website : http://cerhio.univ-lemans.fr

Abstract :

The CERHIO (CNRS, UMR 6258) is a regional consortium of 4 Universities (Le Mans, Angers, Lorient and Rennes 2). The CERHIO brings together some 75 historians (professors and CNRS research fellows) sharing the same methods and committed to the investigation of a long span of time (from the XVIth to the XXIth century). 4 professors teach in Le Mans.

For the 2012-2016 plan, the CERHIO gives priority to three axes :

  • Powers, political and religious engagements
  • Functioning and representation of siocietes
  • From land to sea : spaces and exchanges

These axes permit each of the CERHIO members to bring his competences into a unifying project.

The Laboratory :

• Permanent staff in Le Mans : 4 Professors, 7 Associated Researchers, a Secretary and a Cartographer
• PhD students : 20
• Specific skills : Political, religious and social History
• Main collaborations : Universities of Caen (France), Brest (France), Ciudad Real (Spain), Paderborn (Germany), Sheffield (U.K.), Chicoutimi (Québec), and European Social Science History Conference (Amsterdam)


Vice-Presidente of International Relations

Catherine PAINEAU
Head of Administration

Phone :
(33) (0)2 43 83 30 05

ri@univ-lemans.fr (ri @ univ-lemans.fr)