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CREN - Centre de Recherche en Education de Nantes - Equipe d'Accueil 2661

Nantes Research Center in Education (CREN-Le Mans) - Research group 2661

Universities of Le Mans and Nantes, ESPE Pays de la Loire

The CREN-Le Mans site brings together language science researchers specialising in the teaching of languages, French as a foreign language, in sociolinguistics, IT, educational sciences, and in information and communication sciences.
The researchers are involved in research topics related to educational innovation, whether digital or not: appropriation, dissemination and analysis of new training mechanisms in support of approaches relating to bi-multilingual education. 


28 people including:
17 researchers and teachers-researchers | 15 at Le Mans et 2 at Laval
1 Emeritus professor
9 doctoral students
1 administrative and technical staff


Collaborations with companies: ST Microelectronics, SOA/SARP, AFaLaC, etc.


The members of the laboratory have developed important relationships with the parties involved with National Education, including within the framework of the Bac-3 / Bac +3 liaison programme.



Co-directors: Pascal Leroux  | pascal.leroux @ univ-lemans.fr
and Christophe Michaut | christophe.michaut@univ-nantes.fr (christophe.michaut @ univ-nantes.fr)
Co-heads of The Le Mans Site: Aude Bretegnier | aude.bretegnier @ univ-lemans.fr and Florent Carlier | florent.carlier@univ-lemans.fr (florent.carlier @ univ-lemans.fr)

More informations:
Download the presentation sheet of CREN (EN)
Visit the website of CREN




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