6 schools and institutesPrograms offered

The Université du Maine offers diversified programs in first degree courses, continuing education, distance education, and hybrid education. Integrated into the European LMD system (Undergraduate, graduate, Doctorate), first degree programs are offered in 6 schools :

Which Diplomas ?

The first degree programs are presented according to the number of years of study required to complete the program, from 2-year technical degrees to 8 year Doctoral degrees :

  • 8 DUT (Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie) : 2-year technical degrees  (1-year apprenticeship)
  • PACES - 1st year preparatory pre-medical year with competitive entrance exam  (concours) in Angers
  • 17 General Undergraduate programs
  • 37 Professional Undergraduate programs (including numerous apprenticeship programs)
  • 38 Masters Programs
  • 2 graduate programs at the School of Engineering
  • 8 Doctoral Schools

Numerous employment opporunities post-graduation       

Due to the University’s multidisciplinary profile, the programs offered fit the needs of a wide range of students. Four fields of study open the door to many possible employment opportunities after graduation:

Science, Technology and Medicine

  • Chemistry, Plastics Engineering, and Environmental works
  • Physical Education, sports activity leader and organizer
  • Project Manager in computer science development
  • Bank, Insurance, and Medical Accounting
  • Automobile Engineer and Mechanic
  • Acoustics and Industrial Vibrations Engineer and Technician
  • Secondary Education Instructor
  • Researcher/teaching and research Professor...

Human and Social Sciences

  • Urban Planning Project Manager
  • Environmental representative
  • Cartographer-Developer
  • Conservationist
  • Cultural Policy Leader
  • Secondary Education Instructor
  • Researcher/teaching and research Professor…

Liberal Arts, Humanities, and Languages

  • Marketing Manager
  • Communications Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Auditor, Appraiser
  • Librarian
  • Publishing Editor
  • Primary & secondary Education Instructor
  • Researcher/teaching and research Professor...

Law, Economics,  Business Administration

  • Corporate Lawyer
  • Risk Management
  • Catering Manager
  • SME-SMI Assistant
  • Civil service
  • Researcher/teaching and research Professor

Ever attentive to the evolution of the labor market, the Université du Maine regularly adapts the profile and contents of its programs. Numerous professionals consult with the University on enhancing the programs offered. They also continue consultation throughout the school year for classes (technical Degrees, Professional Degrees, Professional Masters Degrees, Engineering school) or conferences. One in two students at the University is on a professional career path.