The Université du Maine :  A gateway to success !

Steering towards industry !

As a major player in the development and planning of its region, the Université du Maine demonstrates daily its desire to create partnerships with its socio-economic surroundings on the local, regional, national, and international levels.

Committee for the promotion of research

Through promoting innovation and the transfer of technology and knowledge from laboratories to industries and other participants with the cooperation of the CTTM* and Emergence**, this service accompanies all project sponsors: negotiating and directing framework agreements, collaboration contracts, and assessment and patent registration. It also supports doctoral candidates and research professors in the early development stages of creating enterprises.

* Center for Technology Transfer of Le Mans

** Operator that accompanies innovative project sponsors


The office of assistance for occupational integration (BAIP)

As a go-between for students and businesses, the BAIP anticipates and responds to the needs and demands of employers seeking interns and employees.  Through its three objectives (internships/placements, relations with businesses, and observation of pathways to occupation Integration), it develops relationships between the University and businesses by emphasizing training and the integration of degree holders. The BAIP is also linked to the SUIO-IP (University Service for Information, Orientation, and Professional Integration), which guides students in the creation of their personal career pathways.


The CUEP (Centre Universitaire d’Education Permanante, University center for continuing Education) is an organization that aids in training the public for their needs in business (language training, human resources, and continuing education), the CUEP works side by side with the socio-economic world. Notably, it offers qualifying training for individuals whether they are enrolled at the University or not, according to the “Individual right to training” laws. The CUEP offers training either on campus or online in order to respond to the needs of businesses to train their employees. Its expertise in engineering training pro-grams (educational content, scheduling) is well known by business partners and decision-makers.


Vice-Presidente of International Relations

Catherine PAINEAU
Head of Administration

Phone :
(33) (0)2 43 83 30 05

ri@univ-lemans.fr (ri @ univ-lemans.fr)