7 major attributes


The Université du Maine uses all of its capacities daily to prepare its students and guarantee their success in their studies and maximize their job prospects

1.    Personalized mentoring in a medium-sized, humanized environment

With 640 professors and research professors at the University, each student benefits from individual mentoring. This is part of the « Plan Licence », a program which ensures your success during the first 3 years of your studies at the University.  The orientation week, more working groups, and available tutoring by students and teachers are some of the features of this program.

2.    Diverse programs, state-of-the-art research

With 17 Undergraduate programs, 36 Master's Programs, 2 Engineering programs, 8 Doctoral schools (Bac + 6 to Bac + 8), and a wide range of professional programs (University Diplomas, Bachelor’s degrees for professionals...), our University offers diverse programs open to anyone. These programs have access to nationally and internationally renowned research laboratories.

3.    Innovative teaching methods

Being aware of the need to offer a high-quality learning atmosphere throughout the year, the University employs modern teaching methods (e-learning and distance education, on-line library ressources, task-based pedagogy, robots...) which are continually evolving in order to better serve the students.

4.    A main priority : your employability

Thanks to the variety of degrees offered at the University and action taken by the Office of Assistance for Occupational Integration (BAIP – Bureau d'Aide à l'insertion Professionnelle), opportunities for internships and employment are offered with local socio-economic partners of the University. Numerous national and International enterprises have confidence in the University and its students, including Airbus, Mutuelles du Mans Assurances, Dassault, and Areva.

5.    Opportunities to go abroad

More than 100 partnerships have been signed with Universities all over the world to give you the opportunity to study abroad for a few months or for a year. You may also have the opportunity to apply for financial aid depending on your economic situation.

6.    Quality student life

Just ask anyone:  Life is good at the Université du Maine ! Students have access to different kind of structures which guarantee their sucess in a good learning environment: a modern library, a computer and technology center, cultural service and leisure, a student life center (EVE), and a student health center. The campus is only 10 minutes away from the City center by tramway

7.    Dynamics

With 200 events each year hosted on its two campuses (colloquiums, conferences, special studies...) uniting teachers, researchers, students and the general public, the Université du Maine is a center for intellectual exchanges and knowledge sharing. The vitality of the numerous student associations contributes greatly to the dynamics of intellectual and cultural life on campus.